Ameican songwriter

Ameican songwriter

American Songwriter

Singer/Songwriter Theo Eastwind Declared King Of The Underground

Eastwind’s extraordinary voice conjures up images of Jeff Buckley, David Gray, and Sting, and his captivating songs elicit comparisons to Dave Matthews, Colin Hay, and Nick Drake. His guitar playing is raw, passionate, and loaded with heart and soul. Put all these elements together and you have the alchemical Theo Eastwind.

Photo by Samantha Simkevich

Photo by Samantha Simkevich

Brooklyn Paper

"Busking in the lime light"

"Buskers are on the front line of the First Amendment," said Eastwind.

Karla Ann

Karla Ann


Striving to make music under the NYC streets

“[If] you have a talent, if you have a passion, then you can still come down here and you can still do it,” he said. “Not because you’re going to be rich. Not because you’re going to be a superstar. ... It’s because you wanna do it.”


cover of AM NY November, 2009

cover of AM NY November, 2009


Singin' the NYPD Blues

Subway musicians fear police crackdown will end underground shows, advocates say

still  from  BUSKRS

still  from BUSKRS

From The Grapevine

Subway artists offer intimate and surprising performances

"If you can get a New York City straphanger to purchase your CD in the 30 seconds it takes for their next train to arrive, you’re damn good."

And he is damn good


photo from the artist

photo from the artist

CBS News

NYC subway performers eke out a living: "This is how we eat"

"Some days you can do no wrong. .... Some days, nothing," he said. "It's an interesting art."

Fox 5 News

Freedom of Expression

Theo Eastwind, one of Fox's "Subway Idols" is interviewed in the aftermath of one of police crackdowns on street performances

Fox 5 Good Day New York

Transit Strike

Theo Eastwind joins Good Day New York to perform in the studio and discuss the transit strike

Fox 5 News

Subway Idol Winner Announced

Theo is named the winner of the Fox 5 Subway Idol competition.